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Bra shopping ranks up there with visiting the dentist or waxing your bikini line. We get it. The sizing is tricky. Bras fit differently from one brand to the next. You never quite know how comfortable a certain bra will feel until you wear it. Some materials feel like sandpaper under your shirt. Others don’t let you breathe. Bras are a necessary evil in the world of beauty.

Taking the mystery out of bra shopping makes it a lot easier to find the right fit in a comfortable brand. And we’re about to do just that for the Maidenform brand. When you’re done reading our frequently asked questions about Maidenform bras, you’ll know just how to order your next bra. Maidenform offers a wide range of comfortable, supportive bras, whether you’re slipping into that little black dress or lounging in your favorite t-shirt.

If you’re unsure about sizing, curious about coverage or want to know more about the construction, these Maidenform FAQs will give you the information you need. We curated all the best answers from a variety of sources, including the official Maidenform website and reviews from real Maidenform customers. Make sure to check back regularly as this list will be updated as new questions come through!

Question: what are your bra measurements?

Maidenform bra measurements include two components: the band size and the cup size. The band is represented by a number, while the cup size is represented by a letter. The band size corresponds to the measurement around the body. The cup size is calculated by finding the difference between the measurement below the bust and the measurement across the fullest part of the bust. Accuracy in both aspects of the measurements is crucial to getting a comfortable fit with a bra that looks flattering under your clothing.

64% of women may be wearing the wrong size

Don’t just guess or go by what you think you should wear. Many women get the sizing wrong. In fact, up to 64 percent of women may be wearing the wrong size, according to one study. And many other industry experts agree. About 18 percent of women get the band size wrong, about 22 percent get the cup size wrong and about 40 percent miss the mark on both the band size and the cup size.

Question: do you have a size guide available?

If one of your Maidenform bra FAQs is about a size guide, we have you covered. The size guide covers both the band measurement and the cup measurement to ensure you get the best fit no matter what style of Maidenform bra you choose.

Before you purchase a Maidenform bra, you need to take accurate measurements. Follow these steps to get your bra band measurement:

1. Grab a flexible tape measure. These are available inexpensively in craft stores. If you don’t have one, use a piece of string and measure it with a ruler or yard stick. Just mark the spot on the string, and place the string along the ruler to calculate the measurement.

2. Put on a non-padded bra without any special features such as a minimizing bra or push-up bra. You want your breasts as natural as possible to get an accurate measurement. Leave your shirt off for the measurement. The fabric gets in the way and can throw off your measurement.

3. Put the string or flexible tape measure around your body at the level of your bra band just below your bust. It should be snug but not too tight. Make sure the measuring tape is level all the way around for an accurate measurement. It’s often easier if you have someone help you to ensure the tape measure doesn’t get twisted and stays even all the way around your body.

4. Read the measurement on the tape measure, or use the ruler to get the length of the string. Add 5 inches to the measurement. For example, if your measurement was 33 inches, you would add 5 inches to get 38 inches. So your correct band size is a 38.

5. Go up to the next even number if your final number is odd, as Maidenform bras only come in even band sizes. So if your calculation was a 35, you would go up to a band size of 36.

6. Check your work by measuring around your body just below your underarms and right above your bust. This measurement should be the final number you calculated after adding 5 to your previous measurement. In the example above, the actual measurement above the bust and just below the underarms should be 38 inches.

Next, you need to take measurements to calculate your cup size. Follow these simple steps:

1. Place the tape measure or string around your body at the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape measure is level all around your body. Hold the tape against the bust, but do not pull it too tight.

2. Read the measurement on the tape measure, or hold the string against the ruler to get the measurement.

3. Round this number to the nearest inch measurement. If the measurement was 41.5 inches, you would round up to 42 inches.

4. Subtract the band measurement that you calculated first from the bust measurement you just took. The answer corresponds with the letter indicating cup size. For example, if your band measurement was 38 and your bust measurement was 42 inches, the difference would be four inches. This difference corresponds to a cup size of D, so your correct bra size would be 38 D.

Below is the Maidenform bra size chart for cup size:

  • 1-inch difference = A
  • 2-inch difference = B
  • 3-inch difference = C
  • 4-inch difference = D
  • 5-inch difference = DD
  • 6-inch difference = F
  • 7-inch difference = G
  • 8-inch difference = H
  • 9-inch difference = I
maidenform bra size chart for cup size

Question: has the sizing changed?

In product reviews, some people have reported the sizing for some styles of Maidenform bras has changed in recent years. Some customers report the same size of bra is now fitting tighter and covering less of the breast than it had in the past. In those cases, individuals reported ordering a larger cup size resolved the issue and resulted in a better fit. As mentioned in the bra measurements section, if your measurements land on an even number or between inches, round up to the next size to ensure a good fit.

Question: how do your bras fit?

Specific fit issues often come up as a Maidenform FAQ. Most customers report that Maidenform bras fit as expected or true to size, based on Amazon reviews of the products. A small percentage of customers report that the bras fit slightly smaller than expected. Keep in mind that the style of bra can affect how a bra covers the breasts. Some styles are meant to cover less of the breast, while others offer full coverage, which may affect how you feel the bra fits.

Before we get to the Maidenform bra fit guide, let’s discuss how a bra should fit. You’ll find a lot of bras that don’t fit well. They don’t feel right. They look horrible under clothes. Or they smash your breasts. Whatever the case may be, you just know it isn’t a good fit.

So what should you look for in a bra fit? Here are some basics of how a bra should look a feel:

  • The cups look smooth and feel comfortable. If your breasts spill out, the bra you’re wearing is too small. Puckering or gapping in the cup area means the bra is too big for you.
  • The band crosses your back in a low, even line. The band should sit below the bust straight across the back. If you can’t slip a finger under the band because it is so tight, you need to go up a size. If the band rises up in the back, your bra is likely too big.
  • The center section between the cups lies flat. You don’t feel the underwire pressing in to your rib cage.
  • The straps feel comfortable and don’t dig in to your shoulders. If you’ve adjusted the straps as much as possible and they still slide down, your bra is likely too large. If the straps dig into your shoulders, the bra may be too small.

Even with the correct sizing, some bra brands just don’t fit comfortably. When you follow our Maidenform bra size guide to choose the correct size, your new bra will fit just as it should: smooth cups, an even band, a flat center and comfortable straps that won’t dig into your shoulders or slip off.

puckering or gapping in the cup of bra

Question: what type of coverage do your bras provide?

Maidenform bra questions that come up about coverage can have multiple answers, since the bras come in different styles, each with a different amount and type of coverage. This range of coverage gives you options to find the right bras for all of your favorite outfits. Maidenform even makes bras perfect for low-cut or strapless dresses or tops.

Here are some styles and the corresponding amount and type of coverage of Maidenform bras:

  • Demi Cup Bra: This style of Maidenform bra offers a deep V cut so it doesn’t show when you wear low-cut or wide-neck shirts. The straps are also wide set so they won’t show when you wear a wide neckline. The deep V means less coverage on the upper breast area.
  • T-shirt Bra: As the name suggests, this bra is perfect under a t-shirt or other clingy material. It features a smooth and seamless cup with a lining that won’t show through the shirt.
  • Strapless Bra: The strapless style of Maidenform bras works well for strapless tops or tops with thin straps. Many of the strapless Maidenform bras offer full coverage. This allows you to get the amount of support you want without your bra straps showing.
  • Extra Coverage: Some styles of Maidenform bras come in extra coverage. The coverage on this bra is more than the demi cup but not quite as much as a full-coverage bra. It gives you one more option to get just the right amount of coverage.

What type of material do you use to make your bras and underwear?

Maidenform bra material is high-quality and is designed for a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear. Most of the Maidenform bras are made of a combination of nylon and elastane, which is another word for spandex. This combination provides durability from the nylon with just enough comfortable stretch to fit well and conform to the body so the bras look good under clothing.

Other Maidenform bras use microfiber in the construction. Microfiber is a synthetic material featuring ultra-fine filaments tightly knit together, which results in a very smooth, soft fabric. This softness feels great against the skin and looks great under clothes since it is so smooth. Microfiber bras also breathe well, so you stay cool while wearing them.

maidenform bra underwire

Elastic straps on Maidenform bras give you the most comfortable fit. The elastic straps fit well so they don’t slip off the shoulder.

The closures on Maidenform bras are typically coated metal. The metal construction lends durability to the bra closure so you can count on it to hold up wear after wear. The adjusting mechanisms on the bra straps are typically made of the same durable, coated metal.

Some of the bras feature padding in the cup. Others have elastic along the edges for a custom, comfortable fit that keeps the bra in place.

Maidenform underwear is also made of nylon and elastane. This makes the underwear soft and comfortable with a good fit.

Question: what type of underwire do the bras have?

The Maidenform bra underwire is made from a flexible wire in the bottom of the cup to maximize both support and comfort. Typically, the underwire is plush-backed or cushion-tipped so it doesn’t poke through the bra and cause discomfort. Some styles of Maidenform bras feature an underwire embedded in the foam cup for additional comfort without sacrificing any of the support.

Thanks to modern design technology, underwire bras are more comfortable than ever. The Maidenform underwire bra is as often as comfortable as a wire-free bra. This allows you to get the moderate to full support of an underwire bra with the comfort of a wire-free bra.

Question: where are your bras sold?

Maidenform bras are available at most major retailers, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. You can also get a wide selection of Maidenform intimates right here at VF Outlet. You’ll get low prices for a great value on your Maidenform purchase, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

Simply take your own measurements in the privacy of your home, and use the Maidenform sizing chart to figure out the best fit for you. Then find the Maidenform style that fits your needs and your wardrobe. VF Outlet offers Maidenform underwear, camisoles and other intimates to round out your collection.

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So there you have it — the answers to all of your Maidenform bras FAQs. With accurate measurements and a style that fits your wardrobe needs, you have the tools to choose just the right Maidenform bra. Now that you’re an expert, head on over to VF Outlet’s Maidenform section to find the perfect bras, panties and other intimates.