For many of us, shopping for clothing can be a daunting experience. Shopping for, or with, a teenage daughter who has the added pressure of back-to-school shopping can feel even more challenging. Their bodies are changing from one day to the next, and finding clothes that fit properly and feel comfortable, while also satisfying a constantly evolving sense of style, can definitely be a challenge.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Shopping, like any activity, can be made more enjoyable by a few small changes in mindset. With the right information and attitude, shopping in the juniors department can be a fun experience for you and your daughter, at any size. That’s because juniors clothing is often trendy, colorful and playful, and offers many styles that are age and seasonally appropriate while still accommodating an ever-changing body.

If you have a teen daughter who needs a wardrobe update for her end of summer and back-to-school wardrobe, then look no further. This guide will give you a comprehensive rundown of how to shop for trendy juniors plus clothing for fall 2015. With fall just around the corner, you too can find affordable juniors plus-size clothing wardrobe options that are stylish, fun, and most of all, affordable.


Juniors Clothing: The Basics


As parents, we sometimes focus on what we want our children to wear, when in fact they have their own style ideas in mind. In part, this is why the juniors department exists. Juniors clothing is sized and often aimed for teens between the ages of 11 and 16. Just like work wear, swimwear and casual wear for adults have certain staples and occasion-appropriate looks, juniors clothing is age and styled appropriately for teens, and offers a great overview of what is in style for teens right now.


You will often recognize the juniors department as the most colorful and trendy section of any store. When you shop for juniors clothing, keep these things in mind:


  • Juniors clothing is floral. Current trends are what drive juniors’ fashions, and this season it’s all about the floral.


  • Juniors clothing is flirty. It is feminine and romantic, playful and young, often offering cuts that mimic vintage styles with modern twists.


  • Juniors clothing is fun. It provides an opportunity to try on fashion-forward looks at a fraction of the price. If accessorizing is your thing, juniors has it all.


  • Juniors clothing is flattering. With fabrics that are both forgiving and perfect for layering, juniors clothing looks great on any size.


  • Juniors clothing is cutting edge. While many retailers and brands have been slow to meet the growing demand for plus-size options, VF Outlet’s juniors department offers trendy juniors plus-sized clothing options without sacrificing style.

It’s Not Just Clothes


To dress your teen from head to toe, many juniors departments carry:


  • Shoes
  • Underwear
  • Accessories
  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Handbags


Many brick-and-mortar stores sell trendy plus size clothing for juniors, offering everything that falls under the juniors’ umbrella in one place. Just like children’s and adult clothing, juniors clothing has an easy-to-decipher sizing, fashion and style language of its own, once you know what to look for. With the summer winding down and fall just a few weeks away, there’s no better time to learn how to shop juniors plus looks to have. It will help with the style transition from summer to fall in a way that will make your closet and your wallet happy.

The Juniors Clothing Style


The defining characteristic of juniors clothing can also be its detriment. Because juniors clothing is aimed at and speaks to an age bracket that is fickle and is constantly changing its mind, juniors clothing styles are always evolving. The look can be lacy and romantic one week and sporty or fitted the next. While many stores like to debut new looks with themes that flow seamlessly from one season to the next, the average juniors department can look drastically different after a weekend of high-volume sales.


To keep looks looking fresh and fashion forward, many retailers offer only a specific number of size runs for specific looks and pieces. It’s a great way to offer different looks and possibilities that are always relevant to the customer, but it also means that pieces are limited. When shopping for juniors clothing, it is also recommended to buy pieces that catch your eye right away, as they may not be there the next day.


Although trends change in fashion after a while, everyone who looks at old pictures of themselves in dated clothing knows that the photograph reflects who they were that day, and on that day, no other outfit would have fit the bill. So don’t be so hard on your teens if they pick a style you don’t understand. It will allow them to discover who they are through trendy juniors clothing styles.


The upside is that juniors’ styles today do offer something for every taste. While the more fashion-forward looks will always be prominently featured, juniors will always offer basic wardrobe staples, classic looks with a modern twist, and comfortable workout and loungewear that makes you feel happy just putting it on. If you’re really in doubt, simply have a conversation with your teen and ask what kind of clothes they’d pick out for themselves and why. The answers may surprise you.

Juniors Plus-Size Staples for Any Wardrobe


Juniors clothing offers a variety of wardrobe staples, but often with a twist. It can be a fashion detail, a different cut or fabric, or a pop of color. All of these still fall in the normal categories:


  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses
  • Swimwear

The difference in how they are worn. For example: 




Tops include anything from tank tops, T-shirts, blouses and outerwear. Many juniors plus size tops are made for layering, allowing for mixing and matching between different necklines, color combinations, lengths and fabrics. In the summer, a thin, airy tank top is a common look. For the fall, a long- or short-sleeve collared shirt under a short-sleeve top with a complimentary pattern or fabric can look both feminine and polished.



Outerwear also plays a big part in a finalized junior outfit. For the beach or end-of-summer pool parties, shorts and a sheer cover-up or tunic over a bathing suit is a fun look. Mix-and-match colors and styles for a personalized look. Whether you’re on the beach or in your own backyard, layers can help protect from the wind and sun or guarantee you’ll have something dry to change into once your swim time is over.



Junior plus-size options for tops are often cut more forgiving around the chest, and have added length, so if your teen is having trouble finding clothes for her changing body, take a look at our plus-size options that accommodate more body shapes.





Juniors plus size jeans are often known for their famous jean brands. It’s the department where you’ll see the newest and trendiest looks in jeans and bottoms first, from your super skinny jeans to the comfy and flowy gaucho pant. While you may find many basic bottoms in the juniors department, expect to see more colors, cuts and patterns.



Take the time to play with the different styles. A flower-print bottom can go great with a simple, basic top. Pair a bold-colored bottom with a sweet, flowy blouse. Or be adventurous, and match flowers and stripes in the same color family. The great thing about juniors clothing is that there is so much room to be creative, so let your inner fashionista indulge. High-waisted shorts have been all the rage this summer. Try them in traditional denim or jean, or in bold colors and patterns.



Juniors plus bottoms are often cut more forgiving around the waist and back, allowing for more room for curvier, growing bodies. They are also cut to allow for more length. If your teen fits a juniors plus-sized pair of jeans but they are cut too long, folding them over or tailoring are perfectly acceptable options.



For more options in bottoms, nothing beats a pretty skirt. This summer, juniors plus size high-waisted shorts, pants and skinny jeans are the hot new look and come in different cuts, patterns and fabric. So if you’re looking to update your summer to fall style, high-waisted looks are the way to go.



Juniors plus size dresses are the most fun and trendy section of the juniors department. The advantages are twofold: They often reflect current runway trends and cuts, and provide an easy outfit in one piece. Dresses can be worn alone with simple shoes for a quick, polished look; or dressed up with accessories, a cardigan or shawl, and trendy shoes for any occasion.


For this summer, maxi dresses are all the rage. Although maxi dresses are often long and flowy, this year we have seen more juniors plus size summer clothes with more interesting cuts, hemlines, necklines, colors and patterns in the maxi dress department. Different styles offer asymmetrical hemlines, princess cuts and varying lengths that can be carried from summer to fall with a few simple accessories.


Juniors’ plus-size maxi dresses are playful and stylish while also cut forgivingly around the body. If trying on clothing makes you wince, pick up a few maxi dresses to accompany you in the fitting room. They’re a great starting point to build a changing wardrobe, and are less likely to frustrate you through the try-on process. In some situations, maxi dresses can be tried on top of what you’re already wearing, a great option if you’re short on time.

However convenient maxi dresses can be, just remember to look for a style that makes you happy to own it.


Juniors’ swimwear is probably the most exciting section of this department. The options are fun, playful, colorful and trendy. While we all have complicated relationships with swimwear, you should not let this stop you from finding the right juniors plus size swimsuits for your teen.

If in doubt, keep in mind that swimwear can always be accessorized to add coverage when you’re out of the water. Shorts in different colors and cuts, shawls, tunics and even towels can be worn with different styles of swimwear so you can feel confident and stylish without feeling overexposed.

You can shop for juniors plus size for one-piece swimsuits or two-piece options. Mix and match colors, cuts and patterns to find your personal style. Accessorize your junior plus bikini with jewelry to draw the eye upward, and match with fun summer shoes.

Juniors plus-size swimwear options offer styles that are body positive, with built-in support and stretchy material to accommodate plus sizes. As we transition from the beach to indoor pools, juniors swimwear options include sportier options that hold up well in chlorinated water. So don’t be discouraged. No matter the size or need, there is a fun and stylish bathing suit out there for everyone.


Many juniors brands carry shoes that help complete an outfit. Often, these shoes add a pop of color or a twist on a classic style. The looks are often modern and, of course, fashion forward; the kind of styles that catch the eye and stop you in your tracks. While many shoe brands focus on height and special-occasion shoes, many junior shoe brands carry shoes that are playful and trendy while also comfortable and age appropriate. You’re going to find many flats with interesting details, kitten heels that add height but don’t compromise comfort, and boots that can be worn in all-weather situations.

For your budding teen, shopping in the shoe aisle can be the first step toward developing a love of fashion and style. That’s because shoes are most often true to size and easy to try on. They can be a treat and a great way to rediscover what styles speak to you.

For the end-of-summer and back-to-school transition, the following items are teen fashion staples:

  • A pair of sneakers
  • A pair of all-weather boots
  • A pair of comfortable heels and,
  • Assorted flats

Sneakers are necessary for sports and gym class. For inclement weather, nothing beats having a good pair of boots. For more formal events, it’s convenient to have a pair of go-to heels that feel comfortable but are fashion-forward. And for everyday looks, nothing beats cute flats. Any of these shoe options can be as stylish or as utilitarian as you like.


Who doesn’t love jewelry or pretty headbands? How about statement earrings or playful rings? Accessories are a great way to finish an outfit and discover your love of style. There is no limit to what kind of accessories you will find in the juniors department, ranging from classic and subtle to big and bold. Accessories are also a great way to play with a small wardrobe or school uniforms. If your back-to-school style requires a specific uniform look, accessories can help make it more personal.

Accessories are fun and limitless. They almost always fit, and rarely go out of style. Depending on the type of accessories that attract your eye, they’re a great way to define what sense of style speaks to you. Another great thing about accessories is that they can be mixed and matched to create many different looks for any occasion, so have fun. Once you have the accessories, you’ll be eager to show them off.

Time to Get Shopping!

Now that you have a better idea of what you’ll find in the juniors department, it’s time to put that information to good use. Browse the juniors department at your own leisure, and see if there are any looks that speak to you. If you or your teen is plus size, consider trying on different sizes in your range. Remember that it’s easier to go up a size and tailor it down than to try to fit into a smaller size. Most of all, have fun. Enjoy discovering what your style is, and know that there is always something new just around the corner, so do not be discouraged.

For trending looks and styles in any size, visit VF Outlet’s juniors department, your one-stop shop for current looks. Pick out a couple of sizes in any style that catches your eye, and try it on in the comfort of your own home. Return whatever doesn’t fit, and shop with the peace of mind that VF Outlet truly cares that you find fun and stylish looks in your size. Remember that beauty and style comes in all shapes and sizes.