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For more than 100 years, Vanity Fair Lingerie has been providing women with high quality, intimate apparel. By using top-of-the-line materials and listening to the needs of their customers, Vanity Fair has developed a long-lasting reputation and is a leader in women’s lingerie. In 2007, Vanity Fair Intimates was purchased by Fruit of Loom, which combined the two well-known companies into one corporation with a history of producing undergarments that are durable, comfortable and inexpensive at the same time.

Although the names are similar, Vanity Fair Lingerie and the VF Outlet are not run by the same company. The VF Outlet was one of the first outlet stores in the country, opening in 1970 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Originally, the outlet sold its own surplus merchandise, but it’s grown over the years to include many major clothing lines. Even today, people across the northeastern United States travel by chartered buses to VF Outlet to spend a day, or a weekend, picking up great deals. Thanks to the evolution of eCommerce solutions, you can access all of the low-priced merchandise from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality bra at a reasonable price, using the VF Outlet website is a great way to see a wide selection of Vanity Fair bras and other clothing options for your whole family.

Vanity Fair Bras FAQs

If you are thinking about purchasing a Vanity Fair bra and the brand is new to you, or if you’ve worn them for years but are curious about different styles, you might have some questions about the product. Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Vanity Fair bras and responses from the manufacturer. Check back regularly as this list will be updated as new questions come through.

How do your bras fit?

Vanity Fair develops their bras to fit the industry standards that most women expect. That being said, when considering if Vanity Fair bras run big or small, some women have found that Vanity Fair bra measurements run smaller than what they expected. If you are right on the line between sizes — say you measure 36.5 inches across your chest — you might want to order the larger size. A slightly bigger bra can be adjusted to a smaller size by tightening the straps and back fasteners, but a bra that runs small can’t be made bigger.

Once you decide what bra to purchase, look online for some Vanity Fair bra reviews. You’ll easily find comments from other women that will help you determine whether the bras run small or big.

Is there a Vanity Fair bra size chart?

is there a vanity fair bra size chart

Vanity Fair has one of the best bra size guides available online. Although nothing beats an in-person sizing with a trained professional, Vanity Fair realizes this is not a realistic option for many women, whether travel is a problem or you just don’t feel comfortable meeting with someone one-on-one for a measurement. With Vanity Fair’s bra size guide, you can find your perfect size in the comfort of your home with just a cloth measuring tape.

Once you get your measurements, simply enter them into the online calculator to find your size. It’s a good idea to measure yourself a few times to ensure you have an accurate representation of your true size. Using their bra fit guide will help you find a bra that fits.

What type of coverage do your bras provide?

Bra coverage is a personal preference that varies among women, but Vanity Fair offers a wide range to fit any woman’s inclination. From light coverage in the Body Caress Lace Cup to the individual molded cups in the Beauty Back Minimizer Bra, Vanity Fair has a bra that’s sure to meet your needs. Most of Vanity Fair’s bra cups also have light padding, which won’t add to the overall size of your bust line but will prevent embarrassing nipple show.

What do you have available for plus-size (full-size) women?

what do you have available for plus-size women

Vanity Fair makes bras for women of all sizes that provide support and modesty where you want the best coverage. The Illumination Collection Plus Size Bras are made with soft, attractive fabrics that have satin trim, all at an affordable price. One of their most popular options, the Illumination Zoned In Support Full Figure Underwire Bra, features a full-coverage, slightly padded cup. Made with 90 percent nylon and 10 percent spandex, this bra has tall, seamless sides to help it lie flat without puckering or bulging.

Another great option for full-figured women is Vanity Fair’s Wirefree Beauty Back Smoother Bra. With other bras, a tight band often creates skin folds around a woman’s back. This bra, however, has a specially designed contour around the back to promote smoothing of the skin. This seamless finish looks perfect under a sweater or t-shirt.

What type of material do you use in your bras?

Most Vanity Fair bra materials are a combination of nylon, spandex and polyester. The combination used varies between styles, depending on the type of stretch and coverage that the bra provides. While underwires used to be made from wire — hence the name — Vanity Fair bra underwires are usually made from flexible metal or plastic. Although underwires have a reputation for being uncomfortable, Vanity Fair tests their bras to ensure that they provide lift and support without poking.

materials of vanity fair bra

What colors do you have available?

Color varies by style, but most Vanity Fair bras are available in at least three colors — nude, white and black. Other styles, like the Beauty Back Smoother with Lace Bra, come in five colors, including deep blue sea and champagne.

Are Vanity Fair bras adjustable?

Like other popular bra styles, the Vanity Fair Beauty Back Wirefree Bra is adjustable with goldtone hardware in the front that has changeable straps. All other Vanity Fair bras are also adjustable, either at the front or back of the straps. Even when you’ve found the perfect size bra, you’ll want to experiment with the straps and back closures to find your best fit.

What's the best way to wash a Vanity Fair bra?

While each bra has a printed tag on the interior that gives you the care instructions for that specific piece, most Vanity Fair bras should be washed in cold water, either on the gentle machine cycle or by hand. If your bra is being placed in a washing machine with other clothes, consider putting the bra in a mesh bag. The bra will still get clean, but it won’t pick up fuzzies or pills from the other garments.

When needed, a non-chlorine bleach can be used. Bras should be line dried or laid flat instead of putting them in a clothes dryer. Once the bra is dry, it should be folded with the cups facing up or forward in a drawer that provides plenty of room without smashing the bra into other clothing pieces.

How can I tell If my bra is the right size?

Most women stick with the same bra size for years, even as their weight or body changes. Although finding the right size bra shouldn’t be too difficult, a study found that as many as 64 percent of women are wearing the wrong size. While some women may have the right band size but the wrong cup and vice versa, nearly 40 percent of women have both the cup and band size wrong. And even though bras by different manufacturers may claim to be the same size, variances in fabric and cut can mean that someone who wears a 36C in one brand might need a 34D in another. But Vanity Fair says that there are a few easy steps you can take to check whether or not your bra is fitting the right way.

1. The two-finger check. Although your shoulder straps should fit snugly, you should easily be able to fit two fingers between the strap and your skin.
2. Cup check. When you bend forward, your bra cups should still be smooth against your skin. If your bra gaps or your skin spills out, you probably need a different cup size.
3. The side check. Looking in a full length mirror, turn to the side with your arms down. Your breasts should sit midway between your elbows and shoulders. If they hang closer to your elbows or sit up toward your shoulders, you should consider a different style.
4. The twist test. In front of a mirror, place your arms above your head, bend forward like you are touching your toes, and pivot to the left or right. The band around your back should stay in place. When you stand back up straight, where is the band? If you need to adjust it, try a different band size that will accommodate normal movements.
5. Hook test. Although most bras come with three hooks on the back, your bra should be most comfortable on the middle hook. Using the first or third hook might be necessary based on minor weight fluctuations or to fit certain clothing styles, but the day-to-day fit should be most comfortable on the middle hook.

Once you know your right bra size, you may be able to wear a size up or down. This is known as a “sister size,” and is based on the fact that cups vary depending on the band size. For example, the cup size on a 36C is not the same as the cup on a 32C. 

percentages of women wearing the wrong bra size

Since cup volume is relative to the band, cup size increases and decreases in conjunction with the band. A 38C has the same cup size as a 36D. These sister sizes can help you increase your options for finding bras that fit.

Where are Vanity Fair bras sold?

Vanity Fair bras are sold at most major retailers that carry high-quality women’s lingerie. Some of the lowest prices and largest selections are available through the Vanity Fair featured shop at VFOulet.com.

VFOutlet.com also has a full line of Vanity Fair slips, underwear and pajamas, so you can coordinate a look and style that flows seamlessly as a full set of undergarments or eye-catching lingerie — whichever you prefer.

What are some of Vanity Fair's more unique bra options?

Wearing several layers of clothing can make anyone a little hot around the collar. The Vanity Fair Beautifully Smooth Cooling Touch Bra is made of a special spandex and nylon blend that helps pull heat away from the body. It also has lightly padded t-shirt cups that provide just the right amount of support.

And then there’s the Age Defying Lift Bra for full-figured women. This bra’s supportive design gently lifts without being a push-up style. The side panels are slimming, creating an overall smooth look.

Another supportive bra without the discomfort that sometimes comes with an underwire is Vanity Fair’s Body Sleeks Wirefree Bra. Available in neutral and white, this bra features a wider center panel and elastic under-panel that supports and holds the breasts. It also has lightly padded shoulder straps, which help take some of the pressure off this area.

What are the shipping options for bras purchased through VFOutlet.com?

One of the advantages of shopping at VFOutlet.com is that you can buy other items and have them all shipped for one low price of $4.95. Or if you have a large order, everything ships free if you spend more than $49. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can send it back for free.

What about the Vanity Fair Company? Are they using good business practices?

Vanity Fair’s parent company, Fruit of the Loom, is committed to protecting the environment. In recent years, they’ve dramatically reduced the amount of cardboard used in their packaging and transportation. This reduction saves more than 20,000 tons of cardboard material.

And by improving their shipping routes and optimizing the use of space in their trucks, Fruit of the Loom reduced their Greenhouse Gas emissions by almost 6,600 tons. That’s like removing more than 1,300 cars from the country’s roads.

Bra shopping is never at the top of anyone’s fun list, but Vanity Fair has options to meet every woman’s style. Shopping for your bra on the VF Outlet website ensures that you’ll also be getting the best price. Check this page often, as we’ll be updating our Vanity Fair bra FAQs with more information and new styles as they become available.

If you have more Vanity Fair bra questions, you can contact the company using this online form.