The winter is fast approaching so it’s only appropriate to acknowledge our favorite cold-weather accessory, the scarf. Not only do they keep you warm but they are also a great outfit addition to looking stylish during freezing months ahead. Add it to the top of your jacket, jumper or coat for extra warmth when the winds are particularly strong and cold. From chunky knits to light weights, the options are endless.

For a casual look, you can pair a matching beanie or beret with your scarf. Another option is leaving the ends free or tucking them into your coat. Try tucking them in so that just the turtleneck illusion peeks out of the top or show off the whole length of a beautiful scarf by leaving them free. Allowing the ends to stay inside the coat may give you a bit more warmth due to the closer fit. As for attire, you can wear a scarf with almost anything. Choose a nice knit scarf in non-scratchy wool to wear with your casual clothes. This is the time to play up patterns and colors. For dressier clothes or work clothes, play up the texture of a scarf more than patterns or colors. Check out all of our winter wear at a VF Outlet near you or at